Aguas Varadero building an Oasis
06 Jan 2021
PTR Oasis

One of the general objectives of the Revolution has been to raise the quality of life based on the needs of the population, without compromising the future, today we can say that our company has reached a stage of growth through its works aimed at the success of the services it provides.

PTR Oasis


Its objective is to treat waste from the Oasis hotels, currently under construction, and the future Canal hotel in the Isletas de Kawama area, in addition to the current hotel facilities in Kawama. A capacity has been planned for the expansion of the Marina Dársena and its extra-hotel services. Likewise, reuse water will be provided to irrigate the green areas of the future Oasis hotel. In total there will be about 4,400 equivalent rooms and a treatment of 3,975 m3 / day of residual water, with total protection for the environment.

The purification process is similar to that of the other PTRs in operation in Varadero, Las Conchas, Chapelín, Hicacos and Calle K, by the method of activated sludge with nitrification - denitrification, it will receive the waste from the old (EBAR) Oasis that is being remodeled and from the (EBAR) Punta Blanca in Kawama. In it, a compensating tank (Homogenizer) is built, with a sieving, desander and degreaser system, later with a 25 l / sec pump it passes to the anoxia tank, from which the process is by gravity, following the tank of aeration, circular decanter, tertiary treatment system, sludge thickener and drying beds.

Aspects to highlight in the operation of the (PTR) OASIS that differentiates it from other Waste Treatment Plants.

  • The former aeration tank (PTR) has four compartments, the current one under construction has only one. This allows the oxygen and turbidity sensors to give a homogeneous reading of the entire tank and the work of the blowers to be more efficient, saving electricity. For the repair and maintenance of the fine bubble disc grills, vertical guides will be installed on the inner walls of the tank, for their lifting, extraction and repair on the outside next to the tank.
  • The tertiary treatment system (filters) is also different, since it uses an Italian technology (Dinaclaro) that saves electricity, using the air from the blowers as energy. The supplier is the Italian firm TECOFIL. The filtered water will be pumped to irrigate the green areas of the Oasis hotel and will also be used for the internal cleaning system of the (PTR).
  • In addition, an area has been planned within the (PTR) for the unloading of the pit cleaning cars that work in Varadero and Santa Marta. This represents a favorable advance with the environment, by incorporating this sludge into the PTR purification process.

The total value of this work amounts to 13,138 MP in construction and assembly of total currency and 1,300 MCUC in equipment. It is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2021.

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