In Advance Driver in Santa María del Mar
15 Feb 2021
EMAROHO en Santa María

Hydrants are installed in the 250 conduit in Santa María del Mar, east of Havana, with the aim of reaching drinking water for the local population and hotels in the area.

EMAROHO works very hard, complying with the security protocols against COVID, it keeps producing well-being in the fluidity of the precious liquid.

The Conductor is executed to achieve a substantial reduction in the water losses that currently occur in it, due to the technical state of the pipes, raising the quality of the service that is currently provided to the associated population.

Emaroho en Santa María

Among the actions, 400 mm Pn-8 732m pipes are placed at a width of 0.8m and a depth of 1.20m and 315mm Pn-8 696mL pipe at a width of 60m and a depth of 1.00m.

The UEB Hydrology brigade is working on this work, complying with the maximum protection against COVID infections and guaranteeing the flow of drinking water to the population area and hotels in the area.

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