Where is my water?

Where is my water?

Each level is a challenging physics-based intelligence game with incredible realistic mechanics. Fight your way through the dirt to guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam and grime through increasingly challenging scenarios. Every drop counts!

  • Original Characters and Stories - Play through 4 unique stories starring Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and Mysterious Duck. More than 500 amazing intelligence games!
  • Innovative mechanics: see water in different ways and use your creativity to solve the puzzles. Totally exhilarating!
  • Collectibles, Challenges, and Bonus Levels: Collect special items uniquely designed for each character and complete cool challenges to unlock bonus levels. Triple duck on each level and show off being the most skilled!

The alligator Swampy lives in the sewers of the city. He's a little different from the other crocs - he's curious, friendly, and loves to take a good shower after a long day at work. But there are plumbing problems and Swampy needs your help getting water for the shower!

Allie is the most creative alligator in the sewers. His peculiar spirit and artistic talent have made him a star. Now, the crocodiles have created a unique steam musical instrument and they very much want you to play it. Help Allie get the steam he needs and enjoy listening to his play classic Disney songs.

Cranky, a true alligator, has a voracious appetite and will eat anything from tires to fish bones. But he refuses to eat the vegetables! Use the purple water to clean the algae off Cranky's plate so he can gobble up his "food."

Catch this elusive Mystery Duck in this special chapter and hint: coordination is everything! Find all kinds of surprises, like the biggest duck in history, Mega Duck, and his cute ducklings!

Some stories may have a small additional price, but you can try the levels for FREE today!